We Are Trauma Informed

We offer a trauma informed approach that considers the impact of trauma on individuals and focuses on creating an environment that promotes safety, trust, and healing. It recognizes that traumatic experiences can have long-lasting physical, psychological, and emotional effects on individuals and aims to provide them with support and care that is sensitive to their unique needs.

Some key principles of trauma-informed care include:

  • Safety: Creating a physically and emotionally safe environment where individuals feel secure and their boundaries are respected.
  • Trustworthiness: Building and maintaining trust by being reliable, transparent, and respectful in all interactions with individuals who have experienced trauma.
  • Choice and empowerment: Providing individuals with opportunities to make decisions and have a sense of control over their lives and treatment.
  • Collaboration and mutuality: Collaborating with individuals to develop personalized treatment plans, involve them in decision-making, and create partnerships based on mutual respect.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Recognizing and respecting diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences, and avoiding re-traumatization through insensitive or biased practices.
  • Understanding the impact of trauma: Educating staff and practitioners about the effects of trauma and how it can manifest in various behaviors and responses.
  • Resilience-focused: Focusing on individuals' strengths, resilience, and capacity for healing instead of just their trauma experiences.

By adopting a trauma-informed approach, our practitioners strive to prevent re-traumatization, support recovery, and promote overall well-being for individuals who have experienced trauma. This approach aims to shift the focus from asking "What is wrong with you?" to "What happened to you?" in order to provide more compassionate and effective care.