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They ask me, “How are you doing”?
But what they mean is, “Are you over it yet?”

If you’ve survived an ordeal, and the pain is still there, come talk to us

Pain shared is pain divided. The more you share, the less you keep for yourself.

– Lt. Col Dave Grossman

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  • You’ve felt confused, frustrated, and chaotic for a while now.
  • You’ve tried to make things better, but it doesn’t change.
  • You still have love for your partner and think it’s worth the effort.
  • You’re motivated to do the hard work of counseling.
  • You have the resources of time, money, and energy to put toward forever changing your life for the

It's Your Mother's Fault: Understanding Mental Health for Transformative Healing

This book is a complete guide to understanding your mental health and your brain. It gives you the tools to get well, and stay well. Achieve emotional stability and self love as you learn to process trauma in a constructive, healthy way. Giulia Preziuso, LMHC, has a decade of clinical experience and a decade of personal healing under her belt. She is also one of Instagram's trusted therapists, found @mydefiningmoment.