NYU Resident Program

Meet our NYU Mental Health Counseling Residents
and learn the Benefits of Working with Them

At Defining Moments, Giulia believes in the power of education and supporting future counselors so she has collaborated with NYU, which is impressively ranked #9 in US News & World report as the best graduate school in the country. These residents are incredible assets to our organization and can provide invaluable support to those seeking mental health assistance.

Our residents are highly skilled and compassionate individuals who comes with a strong academic background in mental health counseling. They are currently completing their internship with us as part of their training and are eager to gain practical experience in assisting individuals, like yourself, in their mental health journey.

Working with a mental health counseling residents can offer several advantages, including:

  • Fresh Perspectives: Residents provide a fresh perspective to their counseling approach. They are knowledgeable about the latest practices and techniques, and their enthusiasm for learning helps bring innovative ideas to the table.
  • Individualized Attention: Residents will have a lower caseload to manage, allowing them to dedicate more time and attention to individual clients. This can result in a more personalized and tailored counseling experience.
  • Collaboration: Our residents work closely with our experienced licensed therapists, collaborating on cases and receiving guidance. This means that you not only benefit from the resident’s expertise but also from the collective knowledge of our entire counseling team lead by Giulia Preziuso.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: In consideration of the financial aspect, working with a resident is a cost-effective option. Our residents sessions are offered at a reduced rate, making quality mental health support more accessible for those who may face financial constraints.
  • Growth and Development: Supporting a resident in their journey allows you to contribute to the growth and development of a future mental health professional. By working with a resident you are actively participating in fostering their growth while receiving the quality care you need.

Please keep in mind that while residents are receiving supervision and support from our experienced team, if at any point you feel that their approach doesn't align with your needs or preferences, we are more than happy to accommodate your preferences and assign you to one of our licensed therapists.

Thank you for your continued trust in helping you manage your health and wellness!

We truly believe that [Intern's Name] will make a positive impact on your mental health journey and provide the necessary support you require. To schedule an appointment with them or to learn more, please feel free to call our office or reply to this email. We are here to assist and guide you every step of the way.

Thank you for considering our Mental Health Counseling Intern. We look forward to serving you and supporting your mental well-being.