Giulia Preziuso, LMHC

This journey in life has made one thing perfectly clear to me, it’s messy and definitely not linear. So, after investing two decades of time and resources into therapy, education, and training, I began to fully understand the how tremendous impact of environmental, cultural influences combined with trauma can shape a person’s life. My journey led to the discovery of a true passion to help others navigate their lives and together, we can change your story by helping you to become mentally, physically, and spiritually aligned. Helping you fully process through the negative feelings you carry will help you to feel emotionally stable, live more presently, and mindfully in the moment.

Born and raised in Paterson, NJ, I came to Orange County, NY in 2004 and founded Defining Moments in 2009 to help others learn effective ways to permanently transform their lives. I received my bachelor degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice from William Paterson University and my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from The Alliance Graduate School of Counseling.

I’ve enjoyed a broad business career prior to becoming a clinician and the experience on leadership teams for major fortune 500 companies have afforded me a unique solution-focused approach to healing. When working with me, you can expect that we will create a treatment plan tailored to meet your needs. I’m armed with over a decade of clinical experience in a multitude of treatment modalities to help you gain the skills necessary to build a meaningful life. I believe all pain and suffering serve a purpose and given the opportunity, we will explore the meaning of your suffering, determine why you’re stuck and create measurable goals to reach an optimal state of well-being. We’ll build a relationship on trust and honesty then add a mixture of psycho-educational tools to increase your insight and awareness that will aid in your growth and development. I’ve learned that you must invest in yourself because the only way to the other side is through, you cannot suppress, repress, or ignore life.

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