Learn ACT with Dr. Diana Hill

About this course:

In this 6 module on-demand course, Diana walks alongside you as you practice psychological flexibility skills.

This course follows the path of ACT, covering each of the 6 core processes of psychological flexibility. Diana will explore the teachings with you, offer bonus exercises, visualizations, embodied movement, and practices to deepen the skills.

Course Overview:

Here are the titles of the 6 modules you'll experience in the Foundataions of ACT course. You'll have access to all 37 videos, along with downloadable audio and pdfs for you to work with throughout the course.

Module 1: Being Present-Live in the now Module 2: Values-Tuning in to what matters Module 3: Acceptance-Courageous, willing and open Module 4: Cognitive Defusion-Your rooster mind Module 5: Perspective Taking-Take in the view Module 6: Committed Action-Fall on purpose

And a final Flexible Integration section for you to bring all the modules together!