Couples Therapy

The average couple waits 6 years before seeking help for marital problems. (Gottman 1994)

I feel emotionally distant and disconnected from my spouse. I’m frustrated! We used to be great together; now I’m not so sure. I really feel hopeless because I don’t know what to do. 

We hear sentiments like this a lot from couples as they try and express what happened to their marriage. This could be you-feeling distant from your partner and wondering how you both got here. There is poor emotional connection, the teamwork has deteriorated, and intimacy is rare or non-existent. Sex? What’s that? Arguments turn into huge blowups, and even little things that never bothered you before are getting on your nerves. You’ve tried to fix the issues, but it’s hard because now you are hesitant to even bring up simple topics because of the fear it will start another argument. Here is one thing you know (maybe?) and that’s that you still love each other. It’s hard to imagine being apart because you’ve made a commitment to each other, have built a life together, and you used to make it work.

You’ve thought about getting help before. For a while now actually

How much are you willing to risk by not seeking help?

We are not sure what you’ve tried. Like many other couples that come in, you’re nervous about, “will counseling work or not.” One thing is certain, by doing nothing, things stay the same. Let us help. Take the first step toward moving your relationship down the path of re-connection, love, intimacy and friendship.

Your own happiness and well-being? The well-being of your children? The dreams you and your partner have? Your sex life? Your home, your wealth, your friendships? How is this discord impacting your children?

The great news is: there’s HOPE. We have solutions to these problems.

Don’t suffer any longer. Don’t risk it all because of fear or stubbornness. Call us. We can help you.
Whether you’ve been together for years; are married with children; have been together a few years; or are seriously considering taking your commitment to the next level, let us help you. You don’t even have to wait until there is discord.

We offer a safe, structured environment to sort through the underlying causes of the disconnect. We use research-based questionnaires and assessments to diagnose the issues specific to your unique relationship.
We then quickly begin learning the communication skills and relationship tools needed to improve daily interactions. Our clients report immense relief after just the first session. They report improvement and hope after just four sessions.

Do you want this same relief? To have hope again?

Call us today, and we will get you on the path towards your dream relationship.