Sex and Intimacy

In long-term and lasting relationships where couples enjoy intimate sex, they make love a lot over the years. But rather than getting bored, the lovemaking keeps getting better and better because these couples communicate about their needs, their fantasies, and their feelings as those evolve over time. -Gottman

Let us show you how to improve or rekindle the intimacy in your relationship. This course is designed to help couples create a broader understanding about what sex truly is.

What you will learn: 

  • How to improve the passion, romance, and intimacy of your sex life 
  • How to enjoy more personal and meaningful sex 
  • Enables couples communicating about sex in an open and effective way; provides tools to communicate about delicate issues 
  • Build a ‘Sex Map’ for each partner 
  • Teaches how to devise rituals for initiating and refusing sex 
  • Suggests spicy, intimate, and sexy activities and conversations

Although our culture is inundated with the idea of sex, couples really struggle with having meaningful sex. Our cultural mindset about sex focuses almost solely on technique, but deeply satisfying lovemaking is an integrated approach that uses both body and emotional connection. 

This program bridges the gaps and shows couples how to create the intimate sex life they’ve been longing for. 

Whether things are lukewarm in the bedroom or lovemaking has stopped altogether, this series will help make the sexual act more intimate for both partners.
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